St Brandon’s Blog: 5 – 14 November 2010

St Brandon 5-14 Nov (4)It was another great week at St Brandon’s. We had a bunch of crazy South Africans on board, and having fished with most of them before, we were confident we were going to smash a lot of fish. As it turns out they didn’t let us down.
We had plenty shots at Permit, Mark Jensen capitalising with a great fish on the third day. The GT’s were around, but led us a merry dance. There were a few comical moments when Stu and Des had a few shots at some GT’s that were hanging around two big mating sharks. When there are big GT’s around normal things like getting off the boat St Brandon 5-14 Nov (3)and casting resemble a debaucheries attempt at ballet. It’s pretty hard to guide some one when you can’t see through the tears of mirth.
Due to Neap tides the bone fishing was prime. The bones weren’t schooling as much as they usually do, which meant we had some massive single and double bones prowling the flats. Everyone was really chuffed to top their personal bests over and St Brandon 5-14 Novover again.

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